I can Fly!

Duke learns to aviate.
Great pic! He doesn't even need wings!
Great picture. I am sure Duke is having a ball! Gee, what is with all the criticism? I do not believe 'LabDad' would put his dog in harm's way...I am sure Duke must have been warmed up after he swam! My dogs loved to go in the water in the Fall or early winter/spring. It's not cold to them. I just made sure they got a good warm towel rubdown afterward.
Thanks for your comment. BTW it was about 75 degrees on the "winter" day here in Houston when I shot that photo. Duke's energy really goes off the scale in cold weather. When it really gets cold here, and that would be in the low 30's, the only dogs to venture out to the park are mainly Labs.
Labs are bred to tolerate very cold conditions as are Newfies and many other water breeds. They have a very dense undercoat that traps and holds water acting just like a wet suit that scuba divers wear.
And finally, yes, Duke gets a thorough toweling off after every swim and he usually spends the rest of the day sleeping on the sofa.

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