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  1. Lisande Bissonette
    Lisande Bissonette
    Need home for Sunny. As a puppy was sexually abused. Call Lisande on 301-366-2577 if you can help. Former owner in jail for sexual assault.
  2. Afsana Urmi
    Afsana Urmi
    hi i am new here
  3. Gwen22
    Worried about Mary Jane...
  4. Pet Horse & Farm
    Pet Horse & Farm
    Pet Horse & Farm caters for just about anyone who owns or works with animals!
  5. Marry Ann
    Marry Ann
    what is the best dog food brand for Yorkies?
  6. Fapa
    Tiny Paws Castle
  7. AlexSpringador
  8. ParkourSharon
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  9. Soundasahound
    Researching puppy/dog obedience classes for Stella ❤
  10. Cerdic Wills
    Cerdic Wills
  11. Luna-Boxer
    "Be the person your dog thinks you are"
    Hey, is this thing on? (tap, tap)
  13. MyDogsNameIsDaliah
    What's one of your favorite things about dogs?
    1. Murrays
      The smell of them when they were a puppy.
      Nov 30, 2017
  14. MyDogsNameIsDaliah
  15. Central Asian shepherd
  16. Marlye
    Marlye Sunnyshines
    Hello! I am new to the chaz hound forums. But I've noticed you have norrbottenspets . I am udderly obsessed with this breed! Is there anything you can tell me about them from your personal experiences as an owner that maybe researching online would have missed? If that makes any sense lol. I am just super curious what kind of owner/lifestyle would be best for this breed. (=
  17. aanisah sharma
  18. Marlye
    Because, dogs.
  19. Shivranjani
    Hello this is Shivranjani.
  20. FireHydrant
    Hello! I am Fire Hydrant and I am happy to be here.