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Old 10-14-2013, 05:03 PM
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With Gusto's agility training (I need to think 'out loud'), we do one class a week (1 hour), one barn rental (a 2 hour session split between 4 people with two dogs each), one run-thrus (1.5 hour session), and usually one club practice (2 hours). Of course in reality, we are working in 2 - 4 minute intervals, and he's probably "working" less than 15 minutes/hour. As we learned during our barn rental last winter, five 4-minute sessions is a HUGE amount of training, and exhausting for both the dog and handler.

We may do a little bit extra at home. Self control, directionals on the flat, etc, but nothing incredibly consistent.

Meg does whatever her little heart desires. She's not in any classes. She usually goes to one or two sessions a week with me, and may come out for one or two short sessions each time. At this point, her skill set is where I want it, and she doesn't (and never has) tolerate drilling. She likes to come out, have me coo over her, let her run a few obstacles, and have a cookie and hear she is brilliant. She's earned the right

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Old 10-14-2013, 05:31 PM
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It really depends. Sometimes I am really lazy with it, other times I get really into it and train all the time.

Lately it's been average. We're back in agility classes once a week. And for a while we were doing a lot of disc training in the yard but we haven't been lately honestly. And then we used to do a LOT of trick training, but I've really gotten lazy with it. But that's usually of the tricks he already knows; we haven't learned many new tricks recently.
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Old 10-14-2013, 07:36 PM
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Shaman is in classes, so a couple of times daily on the basics. Hopefully soon we'll be able to do some more exciting stuff.

Gambit...not much. He doesn't care much for learning tricks, and I can only imagine the horror of putting him in a group class. Poor guy might never recover

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Old 10-14-2013, 07:40 PM
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A few minutes a few times per day, plus working on stuff while playing tug, fetch, etc.

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Old 10-14-2013, 07:52 PM
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I try to go for 5-10 minutes each day, although sometimes it's as little as 3 minutes or as long as 30.
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Old 10-14-2013, 09:07 PM
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Approximately 0 minutes.

Lol over the last year or two we hardly train. Just behavior modification kind of stuff out in public.

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Old 10-14-2013, 09:44 PM
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Luckily I can bring a dog to work with me (I try not to bring 2 because it's honestly annoying LOL), so I work whomever I bring during my break. Usually it's Kimma, but I've brought Jari in, too.

Pen gets something every day, usually involving tugging/fetch and impulse control/fast sits/downs and long stays. Some rally-type stuff, too. Bubbles I hardly train. But she's so polite and easy LOL. So we do something at least a few times a week, but not for long each session (mostly proofing stays at this point because I want to get her Therapy certified eventually). Kimma and Jari get training of some kind at least 2-3 times a day for short bursts (between 2-10 minutes depending on who/what I'm training).

I tend to work lots while I'm not "meaning" to. For example, every time I let the dogs out to potty is a chance to practice recall and some group stays. Every time we go for a walk we work on bits of rally stuff (changing pace, random turns, etc.). If I can bring them on an errand, I try to do just that and make it in to a training adventure. Meals are obvious LOL. Even now while they are having some down time, I am randomly calling Jari to me and rewarding for recall or doing some settle work for a little. I just love training. And I think the dogs do, too.

As for dog sports, we are training on our own for now. Taking a break from agility with Kimma. Besides Therapy work with Pen and our first Barn Hunt thing with Bubbles this weekend, it's nothing formal for a while

Oh and I work A LOT. I just never have time for myself and never sleep anymore LOL

Thanks meepitsmeagan for the siggy!

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Old 10-15-2013, 09:35 AM
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It's hard to track the time spent actively training since things tend to happen pretty organically with us. Cohen gets batty if she doesn't get at least half an hour of exercise/interaction each evening (more would be ideal) and the dogs are walked first thing in the morning. Walks can include disc, ball, tricks, off leash exploration, etc. in the park, or heeling there & back. Though, it's hard to really figure out what's Actual Training and what's Popping Treats Into Dog's Mouth For Average Behaviour. I suppose the practice is important, but I find myself playing pretty fast and loose with criteria when I'm not really focused on achieving X. I'm not taking any classes at the moment, but hope to get back into agility soon. Something I keep hearing from trainers whom I admire is to have a plan for each training session... which I do not! If I've got an event coming up, or I'm working towards a specific goal I'll be much more structured in my approach, but normally it's pretty catch-as-catch-can.

So, on average I'd say I spend an hour a day dedicated to "dogs" and of that, maybe 15 minutes is working on actual behaviours.

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Old 10-15-2013, 05:25 PM
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more now than I have in AGES.
Most days we go to the kennel we are working on her DR, even if this just means throwing her in a play yard with a couple of dogs we know well. And I spend half my life at the kennels now. lol

Whenever we go down to the footy fields ( a few times a week I usually start with a bit of obedience. Heeling, drop stays, recalls. Then finish with some agility flatwork.

At home we work on shaping complex skills to demo to the training students when they are doing their prac block. My boss uses his mini poodle for this also but Quinn's file of behaviours she can offer is much larger.

Scentwork is meant to be happening but it isn't.

I am mixing it up but I probably train anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, 5 - 6 days a week now with my own dog.

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Old 10-15-2013, 05:35 PM
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I train Kris in Obedience with one group on Tuesday, different one on Wednesday, Obedience class on Thursdays and in between my sister and I have been training almost every day in a different location for 15-20 minutes along with what you normally do around home like waiting at doorways, playing fetch, settling when in the house.

I take Remmy to Agility classes on Saturday but I am not doing any training with him in between right now as our Agility equipment has been put away for the winter as not long till the snows arrive.
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