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Old 06-26-2013, 11:25 AM
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Default How is your dog at the vet?

Self explanatory, how is your dog at the vet?

Jackson completely shuts down. We pull up and he immediately slinks his head down, but obliges when I put his leash on and he will jump out of the car voluntarily then proceeds to try and avoid the door as much as humanely possible.

He always keeps his ears back and tail under, and when we sit in the waiting room, he hides under the bench. Once someone tries to touch him, or pick him up, or whatever, he expresses his anal glands he is so scared. He lets them do whatever to him, but it's almost because he's frozen and just totally shut down. He never bites or shows any signs of aggression.

But to say the least it's very heart breaking to watch him at he vet and be so insecure and terribly frightened.

How are your dogs at the vet?
Brit & Jackson

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Old 06-26-2013, 11:54 AM
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My guys are all fine, surprisingly.

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Old 06-26-2013, 11:54 AM
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Cali absolutely loves the vet! And of course, the vet and vet techs love her as well. She gets plenty of cuddles and kisses each time she goes, and back when she got her spay, one of the vet techs said she spent a good half hour cuddling her and was almost sad to see her go home.

The vet office also has kittens in see through displays, with exit doors that lead down to their cat rooms, as they are involved with a local rescue organization. I think it's a great way to adopt out cats and Cali loves being able to look at the kittens. It's another one of her favourite parts about going to the vet.

Her least favourite part is just the flooring and it takes her some getting used to. But like I tell her, if that's the worst part of her day, she's doing pretty good.

Moses is pretty neutral when it comes to the vet, although there was one time when he got nervous and decided it'd be a great idea to poop on their floor. The vet didn't mind but I'm so glad it was my mom with him or I'd have been slightly mortified. Needless to say, we now make sure he has used the bathroom prior to entering the building.

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Old 06-26-2013, 12:21 PM
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Seriously, when they've been to specialists...

Pip pretty much shuts down.

Squash is pretty much... Squash. Wherever he goes, aheh. But if he does happen to get a sad about something he lays down as flat as he can possibly get including pressing his chin onto the floor.

Maisy is a wiggly spazz, she can't sit still. It's actually really annoying, I can barely examine her myself.

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Old 06-26-2013, 12:28 PM
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Menchi loves the folks at our vet, so she is pretty happy and outgoing for the most part. She sometimes gets a little apprehensive when it is time for something to be done to her, but usually she takes things in stride.

Watson lets everyone admire him which is what happens when he goes to visit the vet...and as long as they do not offend his sense of propriety he is mellow. He is good and they are good about handling him. He may not be happy about being poked and prodded, but he accepts it.

Neither of my duo acts overly concerned about being there...
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Old 06-26-2013, 12:33 PM
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Well, since Auggie believes everybody was put on God's green earth to love him, he adores going to the vet because eeeeeeeverybody thinks Auggie is sooooo cute and sooooo special and loves all over him.

Payton doesn't go to the vet very often, so I don't think he has a real opinion on the matter... he's not a huge fan of having to sit or stand still in general, so that's kind of a bummer. But I don't think he thinks the vet sucks.

I actually haven't had to take Pepper to the vet yet but I can hazard a guess. DOOM AND DESTRUCTION AND HORROR

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Old 06-26-2013, 12:53 PM
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Frag has been doing remarkably better. He does not ever have any issue with obedience... none of my dogs do. They behave fantastically for the most part. None avoid/shut down or get upset/anxious when we get to the vet. Probably because we switch vets so often.

So Frag comes in and chills out in the lobby/waiting area with his muzzle on, goes into the room and is excited to see everyone and take some treats through his muzzle... He lays down and stays for vaccines or blood draws, some occasional whale eyes or growling still but it's getting remarkably better and he never breaks his down/sit stays even with someone hovering over him. He just growls during it. XD

Sir just becomes the most respectful statue. He is not upset or stressed, just VERY polite. No jumping, little wagging, no ears pinned back though. He just sits and remains calm without me asking for it and will give arms to techs to draw blood, sits as still as a statue for eye washes, etc. and the vets love him.

Recon is still young, so his obedience is great, but when we were at the vet a few months ago for xrays and such, he was very happy to see everyone and did jump into some laps. They obviously didn't mind and I allowed it because I'd rather he think they were the best thing ever than that he shouldn't go up to them. He maintained a nice stay once manipulated for x rays, holds a stand stay for vaccines, etc.

Overall, I'm very proud of my boys at the vet and do all I can to make sure I keep it a great experience for them- always going with an extra hand and lots of treats, taking them in regularly for weigh ins and treats, etc.
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Old 06-26-2013, 12:54 PM
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Keira and Ripley are annoying. Well, they're fine in the exam room. They're super patient and tolerant and just enjoy the attention. But I dread sitting in the waiting room with them. They both whine the entire time, and both despise cats, so if there's a cat in the room (and every vet clinic seems to have an office cat) they whine some more and growl sometimes if the cat looks at them or get close. They're under control and sit and wait as they're told, but it's still not very enjoyable.

Dance is fine. She isn't thrilled that the vet has to touch her, but she's patient about it and puts up with it. She's almost always well behaved and not as anxious about people when she's in an enclosed space, like a vet exam room. In the waiting room she just lays down and waits.

Journey loves going anywhere. She's very sniffy and wants to check everything out and say hello to everyone, but she tries hard to sit and wait politely as she was told.
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Old 06-26-2013, 12:55 PM
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Mia is fine in the lobby but will not go willingly into the exam rooms. On the table she tries to climb into my arms or jump off. Look of pure terror/loathing when the vet examines her. But she's ok...nothing too horrible happens. She hates going though.

Summer thinks the vet is the best person ever and LOVES going because she gets doted on and held by people. She's wild but then again she is always wild. At least she's having a grand old time. The vet says Summer is one of the best patients because her attitude about everything is 'this is awesome!'

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Old 06-26-2013, 01:22 PM
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Abby loves the vet right up until they start poking and prodding with needles or touching her feet to clip nails... Lately she's gotten a bit weird about people touching her so not sure how well she'll do at her next app.

Twister completely shuts down, but lets them do whatever...

Bo freaks out and refuses to let them touch all the while kidney beaning just out of their reach
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