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Old 01-23-2013, 06:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Linds View Post
I guess I was reading it more as she bought it on a whim because of that but never actually followed through with it? Not that she actually ended up having her wear it to confuse people. Does that make sense? Maybe I'm reading it wrong.

It sucks. I mean, I would love to be able to use the train to go downtown with the dogs but I can't. And I do live in the suburbs so there isn't really any public transportation (other than the train) but I don't believe in the city you can either.
No dogs on public transportation here, either.

Considering that the labels I have for the harness proclaim "FLOWER POWER" in hot pink, it's difficult for me to imagine anyone actually mistaking him for a SD. I do have one other label (other than the "Julius K9" labels it comes with), my other label says "BODYGUARD", so again, it's difficult for me to imagine someone misreading that as "Service Dog". I think you can all calm down about thinking that my well trained dog might actually be mistaken for a SD at some point. I'll tell you if I ever decide to invest in more ambiguous labels, and you can castigate me then. (uh, the rest of you, not you Linds. Your interpretation of my statement was correct, and not castigating. )
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Old 01-23-2013, 06:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Shai View Post
Well yeah I wish I could take my dogs places I can't due to how restricted non-service dog access is in this country. I don't think anyone has an issue with that gripe...or at least I hope not.

But I can understand the negative reaction to someone choosing a piece of equipment for their dog *because* it increases the chance their dog will be mistaken as a SD even though they are not. What possible good could come of that? Either she at some point does go some place dogs aren't allowed because people think the dog is a SD or she is in dog-friendly places being mistaken as a SD...if her dog is well behaved neither hurts actual SD access rights but why do it in the first place?

I'm probably not explaining this's just that I can't see how any good can come of intentionally dressing your dog up to confuse the general public as to whether he is a SD...
This is exactly what I was getting at. Thank you for wording it better than I was able to.

I totally get the wanting to bring pets places that pets aren't allowed (I do have 3 pets! :P), I just found the wording she used to be sly and trying to confuse people. Perhaps I read it incorrectly, but that is what I took away from it.

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