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Old 04-19-2013, 12:28 PM
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Jill Schorr
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Default Help with our 10 month old rescue

We rescued a 10 month old poodle mix (most likely a shih-poo) who is 14 lbs last month. He is such a sweet guy and he seems to be adapting to our family.

We have noticed that he gets so "skittish" when we try to go to him..especially with the leash to go to take him for a walk. He literally runs away from us..and he is hard to catch! Any advice in this area?

On the flip side..the dog "hates" to be crated. While he is pretty much housetrained, I refuse to leave him to his own devices in the house when we go out since he is chewing and could still possibly have accidents. We attempted a kennel that would he would just fit in and he refuses to go into it..even with the yummiest of treats put in as as bait. He will thrash and wiggle and put his body in a vertical position and you cant get him in. We had to move to a bigger crate so we can physically get him in with something with a larger door. He is fine at night to sleep in it..does ok in it for 4 hours during the day when we are working..but if we put him in it even for an hour in the evening (if we want to go out for dinner or to a movie) he he poop in it.

Once we fully trust him to not pee/poo in the house and the chewing goes down I plan on letting him have the run of one floor of our house.

It just seems odd that he runs from us when we want him to come, but gets anxious when we are not in his site.

Ill take any advice or help..we love this little guy!
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Old 04-20-2013, 08:30 AM
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Since he wasn't a young pup when you rescued him, you don't know if he had a bad experience with a leash before. I would say to leave the leash on the ground so she can sniff it. When he gets used to it, you can put it on him to walk around with the leash on in the house but no one holding it. Then slowly begin to hold the leash and see if he will go for a walk. I would use treats and lots of praise.

Could be he was in a cage alot in his previous home or just at a shelter, etc. I know mine didn't like the wire crates, they only like the vari kennels. I would definitely exericise him before you go out to dinner so he goes potty and is tired when you leave. This may help.

I would say have lots of patience, give lots of praise, and he will slowly come around.
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Old 09-18-2014, 08:34 AM
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I agree with Barb. Sounds like your dog had a bad experience with the leash previously and maybe even the crate.

This will just take some time and patience on your behalf. Make sure you give rewards and lots of praise once he lets you put the leash on.

Rather than leave him in the crate when you go out for a short time is there an area in your house that you can gate off or a room you can lock him in where he can't get up to too much mischief?

Of course, make sure he has plenty of toys, a comfortable place to sleep and a couple of treats so he doesn't view it as punishment.

Just give it time and allow your dog to build up trust in you and all will be good.
Dogs don't understand our words until we teach them what they mean!

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crate training, seperation anxiety

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