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Old 04-07-2013, 02:06 PM
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"Oh, you must be training her! Kudos to you."
My dog is very obviously no longer a puppy. No, I am not. She is mine. I have no problem with educating, but ffs, just because I am young and look able bodied does not mean I am not disabled.

"Oh, wow, she's thin..."
No, she is a very fit dog.

"Oh, I/my sister/my cousin twice removed/etc have a lab! He weighs 150lbs!"
Congratulations, you have a morbidly obese dog!

"Wow, she's well trained (insert a "Thank you!" here)! My dog is too small/old/dumb to train."
No, you are a lazy asshole. Leave me alone.

Thankfully Em's well trained enough to ignore you, but ffs. Grow up.

"Oh, (insert toddler's name), go ask if we can pet the cute puppy!"
Or, you can ask yourself, since your child is clearly scared of her.

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Old 04-07-2013, 02:43 PM
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I never get asked anything about my 5 because I get up at 5 am to give them their run on the mountain and then don't invite anybody into my property all day so never have to contend with any questions. Anti-social so-and-so, me
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Old 04-07-2013, 04:01 PM
lovemypayne lovemypayne is offline
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I get this a lot about every one of my critters: goats, chickens, cat, and dog. "What breed is that"? They're ALL mutts!!
I have nothing against 'purebred' animals, it just worked out that all my 'critters' are a wide mixture of breeds, and they are some of the smartest, coolest critters you would ever want to meet. Just sayin.....

I also liked the post someone made previously: "She's so smart", and she really is, BUT we started working with her when she was very young. She will stop at the property line when running off the neighbors' dogs [we have no fences]. What amazes people the most is that she can open the screen door when she wants to come in on the porch! it helps that we put a door handle down low on the door for her to use
Where all pets are special!

(New members welcome and always appreciated!!)
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Old 04-07-2013, 04:12 PM
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I get a lot of that "why don't you feed her?" Or "she's so thin!" Or "don't you feed her?" She gets three cups a day & the vet has never commented on her weight ... Tho these same people didn't say anything about buddy who at the time was about 5 lbs over weight lol.

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Old 04-07-2013, 08:00 PM
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orange iguanas.
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Originally Posted by frostfell View Post
Seal isnt a "trendy thing" it is a legitimate dog color
I don't think seal is a trendy thing? I think it's a legit colour... Just not very common?
No, in boxers they're just brindles. Yeah, genetically there is a seal color that exists but I believe it is some variation of the black gene. Genetically boxers can't be black, they don't carry the gene, so they don't have a seal color either. BYBs call dark brindles like Juno "seal black" or whatever to make them sound rare, but that's misleading. Genetically she's the same as any other brindle boxer.

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Old 04-08-2013, 09:01 AM
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My most commom question is "You should get more and make a sled team!"

They lose the humour quick when I say "there are 7 more at home and they ARE a sled team" lol

At races people often point to OC (who is 10 years old, heavy boned and carries most of his weight on his front legs due to hip dysplasia setting in) and exclaim "wow he must be the best one on the team! He looks so strong!" Ummmm no, he was retired at 7...hes just the head cheerleader and does the 100ft dash Kid and Mutt race pulling my friend's 2 year old son....

In reference to the females on my team i hwar a lot of spectators say "they cant be a sleddog, theyre too little!" Really, how about you hang on to the leash and wee just how strong those little girls are! The smallest one might only be 40lbs but she can pull me all by herself!

"When the rain pours down from the heavens, take my hand and spin me around and we shall dance through the barn at midnight until the moon pokes through the clouds once more and the stars continue our dances in the skies"
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